Posted on 16 December 2014

How to stop your best staff from leaving


he new year is on the horizon and with it come resolutions to exercise more, drink less, spend more time with family and friends and, for some, to find a new job.

For businesses, losing staff means more than the cost of recruitment and training - it is the lost value of those people, their industry and company knowledge and what they add to teamwork and collegiality in the workplace.

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Written questions avoid problems


Many people have secrets that they would prefer the wider public, or even their friends and family, never found out about. But what happens in an employment relationship when an employee has a deep, dark secret?

The recent case of William Hart highlights the issues involved for both employers and employees. Hart was employed by Auckland printing company Printlounge. Unbeknownst to Printlounge when they hired him, Hart had been convicted in 1986 of murdering Janet Reygate and leaving her body on a beach.

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Auckland companys lack of internet policy costs $5000


In a recently released decision, the Employment Relations Authority found that an Auckland woman sacked for overusing the internet at work was unfairly dismissed.

Printek Supplies fired Antonia Knight last year, alleging that she engaged in excessive internet use and personal business during working hours.

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The biggest cost of a bad hire (according to CFOs)


Most recruiters will admit to making a mistake or two in their time and were all aware of how an employment error can hit the companys bottom line but now, one new survey is suggesting the biggest cost of a bad hire might not be financial.

A Robert Half study released earlier this month focused on what Canadian CFOs perceive as the biggest risk when hiring the wrong person and, somewhat surprisingly, financial cost didnt top the list.

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