Posted on 27 November 2014

Courts may dig deeper into redundancy plans


Employers using redundancy as a quick fix to solve workplace problems risk costly lawsuits from aggrieved former employees unless they can provide a reasonable commercial rationale for their decisions.

A recent ruling from the Court of Appeal (Grace Team Accounting v Brake) confirms a new hands-on approach by the courts to redundancy, and to the level of justification and financial accuracy a business is required to provide.

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Law changes will increase employers' risk - Percy


A health and safety expert warns of significantly increased risk to employers who allow alcohol at work functions. This is due to a combination of new drink driving rules, and the tougher new Health and Safety at Work Act that is on the way to becoming law.

On 1 December new legislation will significantly lower breath and blood alcohol limits for adult drivers. This creates greater risks for employers who allow employees and guests to drink at work (e.g. after-work drinks, business lunches, etc.) or at work functions such as Christmas parties and social events.

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ERA Amendment Act start date confirmed


Employers have four months to prepare for the Employment Relations Amendment Act 2014 (Act). The Act has now received Royal assent and will come into force on 6 March 2015.

The Act amends the Employment Relations Act 2000 and makes a number of key changes, including:

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Job offer after bum slap by boss ruled OK


A Hamilton plant shop owner who slapped his female employee on the bum had allegations of sexual harassment against him quashed by the Employment Relations Authority.

The woman, Ella Newman, 23, said she was "appalled" by the decision and was planning to appeal it.

The owner of The Plant Place, Bruce Sanson, 61, denied sexually harassing the young woman and said he would rehire his former employee.

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