Posted on 2 December 2014

Health and safety risks in docking pay


Claims have flooded in from employees in the retail sector recently, saying that their pay has been docked by their employer to cover customer theft. These people are attendants at petrol stations and checkout operators at supermarkets, paid close to the minimum wage.

We will come on to the legalities in a minute, but how exactly do the employers of these employees expect them to stop these thefts? Do they literally expect their employees to chase customers off the petrol station forecourt or out of the supermarket in pursuit of the stolen goods?

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This Christmas, mind the tax


On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me . . .

I had absolutely no idea what the twelve days of Christmas actually were until I looked it up recently. According to that fount of all knowledge, Wikipedia, it is a 12-day period celebrating the Nativity of Christ, starting on Christmas Day. Traditionally, it was a period of fasting. How times have changed.

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Fast food worker: 'They refused to let me go home'


A fast food worker alleges she was forced to carry on working despite suffering broken ribs and coughing up blood in front of customers.

The incident has been described by a union as an "absolutely appalling" example of the impact zero hours contracts have on staff across the country.

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The only job interview question needed


Interviewers usually ask a number of questions to determine whether the job candidate is a great fit.

But Dan Finnigan, CEO of recruiting platform Jobvite, manages to accomplish that with just one query.

That's right, Finnigan has only one prompt ready when candidates sit down for an interview. He says: "Walk me through your professional career from the very beginning until now."

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