Posted on 11 March 2015

Lessons in revenge, served two ways

To completely ruin a great idiomatic expression, in the recent debacle involving Karen Hammond and her former Hastings employer NZCU Baywide, Hammond baked her (offensive) cake and ate it too.

The Human Rights Review Tribunal found that NZCU Baywide's response to the cake iced with the words "NZCU f . . . you" was a deliberate attempt to cause her harm.

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Racist liquor store fined $45,000

A liquor store worker who was threatened, assaulted, called a "f***ing Indian" and "Indian dog" by his employer has been awarded $45,000 in damages for racial harassment.

Satnam Singh told the Human Rights Tribunal he suffered racial abuse, culminating in a physical assault, while employed for two months at Scorpion Liquor in Mt Roskill.

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Catering company ordered to pay $10,000

A Greymouth catering company has been ordered to pay more than $10,000 for serious labour law breaches.

The Employment Relations Authority has ordered Chez Beirne Catering and Homestay to pay more than $6000 holiday arrears and has fined the company $4000.

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Fire Service ordered to pay $3500 to senior staff member

The Fire Service has been ordered to pay $3500 in costs to a senior staff member who received an unjustified formal warning for bullying.

Fire investigator Lynda McHugh had sought $19,000 in costs relating to her case in the Employment Relations Authority.

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