Posted on 21 October 2014

Does New Zealand need an anti-stress law?


Imagine a world where those stressful after-work calls, emails and texts were illegal.

The radical idea is sweeping parts of Europe with calls for an 'anti-stress' law in Germany, burnout legally recognised in Belgium and an email-banning labour agreement in France.

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Must play well with others: How to handle talented but disruptive staff members


It’s a dilemma both on the sports field and in the workplace, as Wallaby motormouth Kurtley Beale demonstrated this week. How do you deal with a brilliantly talented individual whose overall contribution hurts the team?

Cricketer Kevin Pietersen is brilliant with the bat but diabolical with the chat. He ain't alone. Wallaby rugby star Kurtley Beale has demonstrated his talent with ball in hand does not extend to texting.

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Presenteeism: the hidden productivity killer


Absenteeism may dominate research when it comes to impact on productivity, however experts say a much bigger problem is presenteeism – when an employee comes to work in ill health and does not work at full capacity.

And according to Dr Laura Kirby, Principal Consultant Psychologist of CommuniCorp Group, it's on the rise.

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Wellbeing: Workplace workouts work


Companies that promote and help with health, fitness and wellness programmes in the workplace are wise to do so, says Dr Trish Bradbury, senior lecturer in the School of Management at Massey University.

"If I was a company manager, I would definitely endorse a workplace wellbeing programme and see the benefits for the employees and the organisation, too," she says.

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