Posted on 12 November 2014

Salary secrecy: 'It will backfire in the long run'


Discussing money and how much employees make is always a sensitive subject but industry expert Molly Graham says being open about earnings can be a good thing – particularly in start-ups.

“You can't be transparent if you're not paying fair, and if you are, there's no reason to not be transparent,” reasons Graham.

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Detecting disengaged employees and what to do next


Any HR professional who conducts exit interviews will encounter employees who have felt disengaged for some time but whether it comes as a surprise or not, by that point you’re powerless to improve the situation. CEO Cori Maedel says holding ‘stay interviews’ could be the solution.

“Too often, employers discover how disengaged an employee is (or was) during the exit interview, instead of uncovering it while there’s still chance to do something about it,” reveals Maedel, who heads up the Vancouver-based HR consulting and coaching firm Jouta Performance Group.

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Mitre10 MEGA fined after teen loses fingers


A teenage worker lost parts of two fingers after using a hardware store buzz saw, Worksafe NZ says.

The 16-year-old employee also severed a  nerve on another finger, after using the saw that had faulty guards. He spent nine days in hospital.

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