Posted on 5 February 2015

How to handle a hostile employee

Delivering bad news is part and parcel of working in HR whether you have to discipline, demote or even discharge an employee, there's always a chance they're going to take it badly and become aggressive. HRM asked three HR professionals what they'd do in the dreaded situation

"I've encountered this many times in my career," reveals HR director Ashley White. "The first rule of thumb is to never deliver bad news in a secluded room."

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Why we need to have more fun at work

Have you ever worked someplace where one day you just didn't want to go into the office? You just didn't feel the "fun" in it anymore?

Some folks will tell you this is much more commonplace than you might think. Others will say, "Who cares, since when is work supposed to be fun?"

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Manawatu woman fired over morning sickness

A Manawatu service station worker was wrongfully fired from her job after her sickness during pregnancy was treated as a health and safety issue by her boss.

Karena Spencer was awarded $3581 in compensation and lost wages after Employment Relations Authority member Paul Stapp decided she was unjustifiably dismissed from the Ashhurst Service Centre by Barry Jones.

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Woman sacked from TV station for posting emails on social media site

A woman who was sacked from a Chinese television station after posting "angry and abusive" emails on a social media site has been awarded more than $15,000 for unjustified dismissal.

Dandi Wang, a marketing manager at New Zealand Chinese Television Ltd (NZCTV), also known as TV33, was fired in March 2014 during a period of sick leave following an incident at the channel's premises, which is now the subject of criminal proceedings.

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'Creep' filmed employee in toilet

A business owner drilled a hole through a wall and secretly filmed one of his employees while she used the toilet.

Kent Roger Moore, 48, from Christchurch, was only caught after the victim found a video of herself as she trawled through photos of a staff party on one of the company's computers.

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