Posted on 15 October 2014

Employees leave leaders – not organisations


Who rarely struggles with retention? Organisations with employees who feel truly valued – and leaders who are happy to demonstrate it.

The number-one reason why employees leave an organisation is not an unsatisfactory pay packet, according to cultural and leadership development expert Richard Maloney, author of The Minds of Winning Teams: Creating Team Success through Engagement & Culture.

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Gender bias alive and well?


When hiring managers have to choose between two equally qualified candidates, one male and one female, the man is more likely to walk away with the job, according to a new study.

The study by recruitment company Hays and diversity and employee survey specialists, Insync Surveys, asked 1029 hiring managers to review a CV then answer a series of questions about the candidate’s attributes, skills and probability they would be interviewed.

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Employee wrongfully fired after police raid


A businessman who was wrongfully dismissed from his company while police investigated him for suspected money laundering has received compensation and been reinstated to his position.

The man, known as Mr A, who had worked for the unnamed company for two years, was never charged with an offence.

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How to silence 'loud talkers'


The office loud talker can infuriate and distract even the most conscientious workers. So what is the best way to deal with these walking megaphones?

Natalia Perera is well acquainted with the difficulties of working with a loud talker. The innovative director of Syneka Marketing sits directly opposite the company's managing director who, she says, has a booming, baritone voice.

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