Posted on 18 November 2014

Roger Sutton case a salutary lesson


It's a blurry line between jocular behaviour and sexual harassment, employment lawyers say, and those in positions of power need to be more careful.

The issue has been highlighted after Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera) boss Roger Sutton today resigned over a complaint involving sexual harassment of a staff member.

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Keeping it in the family can turn sour


Mixing business with pleasure can be messy. But, in small businesses, it is an unavoidable reality. In this context, friends and family often form the backbone of the workforce, but, when the family start feuding, the wheels can fall off in a spectacular way.

Difficulties can arise in all aspects of the employment relationship, from being lax about paying wages to disciplinary matters. Family and friends may also be seen to receive preferential treatment, creating resentment.

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How to improve the relationship with contractors


More than half of contractors feel they are treated differently to permanent employees, according to a new whitepaper from recruitment consultancy Robert Walters.

The whitepaper, Leveraging the Contingent Workforce, surveyed hiring managers who employ contractors as well as professionals across Australia and New Zealand, from a range of professions such as human resources, marketing and law.

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5 ways to retain job-hopping Millennials


In just 10 years, Millennials will comprise a full 75% of the modern workforce, replacing many of the Baby Boomers now set to retire in the wake of global economic recovery.

While this generation will inject new lifeblood and energy into struggling industries, they are known to engage in considerable “job hopping". 

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