Posted on 17 March 2015

Employment matters: Who brings the X Factor to work?

So I started this blog post this morning, intending to write an article on bullying on X Factor, and clarifying that while this had been referred to as "bullying", that it wasn't "workplace bullying" in the strict sense, as it wasn't the contestant's workplace.

But in a very clear reminder that it was the workplace of husband and wife, Natalia Kills and Willy Moon, they have been dismissed this afternoon; no longer are they X Factor judges.

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The process of performance dismissal

Employment law and the world of professional sports have an awkward relationship. Employment law principles can struggle to make sense when applied to the sporting context. But where does this leave those for whom sports is employment? Should they be excluded from the protections offered by employment law, and if so, how could this be done in a context where strict adherence to the usual rules could end up sinking the ship?

Dean Barker's recent departure from Emirates Team New Zealand exemplifies this struggle faced by those who find employment in professional sports.

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