Posted on 31 March 2015

Get in early with clear messages

To avoid ill-feeling everyone from the top down needs to be properly informed and on the same page.

Dean Barker's very public axing from the helm of Team New Zealand was a cautionary tale about how not to manage change at the top. When news of his pending dismissal was leaked to Newstalk ZB, the media - social and otherwise - went wild with rumours and conjecture.

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The prudent paper trail for employers

Employers often wonder how long they need to retain health and safety related documents, such as:

employee training records;
employee course certificates or licenses;
employee wage and time records; and
health and safety meeting minutes.

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Workplace diversity

With 213 different ethnic groups living in New Zealand, and 186 of those residing in Auckland alone, embracing diversity in the workplace isn't a 'nice to have' these days - it's a necessity.

Along with our large and diverse migrant population, another factor fuelling the diversity of our workplaces is the high participation rates of our over-65s in the workforce, according to Bev Cassidy-Mackenzie, chief executive of the Equal Employment Opportunities Trust.

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