Posted on 11 February 2015

Shedding light on after-hours activity

The social media expose of the late-night antics of a pair of employees of Marsh Insurance in Christchurch has again brought the issue of out-of-work activities into the limelight.

In this case, the conduct took place in the office, but after hours.

The pair made the elementary mistake of forgetting to turn the lights out before engaging in a "romp" on the office furniture.

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How vulnerable should you be as a leader?

With the increased focus on emotional intelligence, leaders have been encouraged to show their vulnerable side. But can showing vulnerability actually work against you?

We used to be selected and promoted largely on the basis of 'what you know,' which reflected a heavy emphasis on intellectual smarts in the business world. Then in 1995, Daniel Goleman wrote the best-selling book, Emotional Intelligence, and the world of management hasn't been the same since.

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The beet that broke the camel's back

A silverbeet is at the centre of an employment row worth thousands of dollars.

Waihi company Farm Gate Deli Limited has been fined $3,500 by the Employment Relations Authority, and ordered to pay five months worth of wages after the garden vegetable caused months of tension to boil over.

Ruth Hawkins brought the personal grievance case against her former bosses, Janet Edmond and Joanne Curd, claiming cuts to her working hours amounted to constructive dismissal.

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Ex-council manager seeks compo over sacking

A senior manager at Napier City Council was sacked after making derogatory comments about the failed art deco buses, and for saying people from the Hastings suburb of Flaxmere were coming to the city to wash in its fountains and making a mess of Marine Parade.

The allegations were among several made against the council's former economic development manager, Ron Massey, who claims he was unjustifiably dismissed by the council in March last year. He also claims he was unjustifiably suspended and that the council took unjustifiable actions by removing responsibilities from him without consultation.

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