Posted on 17 November 2014

Cannabis dismissal upheld by ERA


The dismissal of an employee by KiwiRail has been vindicated by the Employment Relations Authority after his employment was terminated following the collision of a train he was operating.

Bernie Thorne was driving the Tranz Metro train when it crashed into a concrete stop block at Melling station with passengers on board.

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Share and share alike


Companies wanting more buy-in and less churn from their staff and who want to hire people they might not otherwise be able to afford could offer them a direct stake in the business.

Sharing the risks and rewards of a business is well established - with cooperatives at one end and company bonus schemes at the other.

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It takes a workplace to raise a junior employee


It's human nature to think of life as linear. There's a starting point, a journey and then an end point. We're born; we live; we die.

This model is applied to many of the sub-journeys within our lives. We start school; we move through our education; we graduate. We start a job; we work; we retire.

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