Posted on 19 March 2015

Employees and trade secrets what you need to know

Hiring someone who knows the industry well is ideal but what about when they know the industry a little too well? If your clued-in new recruit shares trade secrets, you could be at risk of litigation, warns one employment lawyer.

"If somebody you've hired from another organisation gives up trade secrets or proprietary information from their former employer and you utilise that to your advantage then you could be at risk," says Ashley Brown.

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Little things create harmonious office

The person who is always late, the one who takes long lunches every day, the constant moaner - you'll probably find such people in most workplaces. And though the effects of these types of negative behaviour may seem trivial in the wider scheme of things, when they become habitual they can send a work reputation on a downwards spiral.

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Shortage in skilled workers creating more jobs than candidates

A shortage in skilled managers and workers is a growing problem for New Zealand, say employers and recruiters.

Managers in the engineering and cafe and restaurant sectors are in the fastest growing sector of demand, and in the professions, the most wanted are those for the occupational and environmental health field as well as actuaries, mathematicians and statisticians.

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Cotton On demands staff 'keep it real'

Cotton On's demand that staff portray company values such as 'fun' or face possible disciplinary action would be unlikely to be enforceable in New Zealand, an employment lawyer says.

Failure to portray "fun, entrepreneurial, keeping it real, family, ethical, engaged" behaviour was unacceptable, the Australian clothing chain said.

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