Posted on 7 April 2015

Self-centered bosses wreaking havoc

If you think your boss is on a narcissistic power trip, Robert Hall says there's a good chance you're right.

The 66-year-old Dallas author, consultant and executive coach has spent four decades helping companies build relationships with customers, employees and shareholders.

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Zappos to employees: Get behind 'no bosses' approach

No job titles. No traditional bosses. No conventional corporate hierarchy. It might sound nice, but would you really want to work there?

That's the question, essentially, that Zappos is asking its employees after experimenting with a radical approach to management. Called "holacracy," the new system replaces the conventional command-and-control workplace with a series of self-governed teams, known as "circles."

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Former health board employee must pay costs

A woman who says she was wrongfully dismissed from Waikato District Health Board has been ordered to pay $8,000 in costs despite winning her case.

The Employment Relations Authority has ruled Erin Dent was unjustifiably disadvantaged and dismissed from her position at the health board, but also ruled her behaviour contributed to her dismissal.

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