Posted on 20 January 2015

Satisfied family men make happier employees

If you're keen to improve employee retention then learn to be flexible with your team's working fathers - it could have a major impact on morale, according to one new study.

Almost 1,000 fathers working in white-collar roles were surveyed by researchers at Northeastern University and the results suggest dads who see their kids on a daily basis are more satisfied with their jobs and less likely to resign.

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Each generation brings strengths

Human animals are naturally suspicious creatures. We tend to stick to people we recognise as being like us - those who mirror our values and conform to our social expectations.

When we encounter people who don't fit our mould it's easy to make snap judgments about their character and motivations, leading to misunderstanding and sometimes conflict.

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Negotiation: why your organisation needs it now

In 2014, controversial labour disputes brought negative press to such established organisations as McDonald's, Apple, and Amazon.

Two experts have weighed-in with some advice for HR practitioners who have to deal with labour disputes.

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Young worker spreads word on job rights

"Vulnerable" young people need to be clued up on their employment rights or risk exploitation, a young Nelson worker says.

Katey Palmer, 21, is using her experiences to help educate others on their rights.

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'Workplace stress' term questioned

A doctor's use of the term "workplace stress" on a medical certificate has angered an employment group, but is being defended by the medical association.

Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) workplace safety manager Paul Jarvie said the group was not happy that workplace stress was used as a medical diagnosis in a case before the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) recently.

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