Posted on 22 October 2014

Aligning personal and corporate values


It wasn't easy during the five years of the global financial crisis for New Zealand employees to advance their careers or achieve pay rises.

Pete Macauley, regional director of recruitment consultancy Michael Page, says the GFC meant the values of a prospective employer had less significance for jobseekers than the basic needs of a good salary and career progression. He says only 25 per cent of candidates ask about a company's values first when inquiring about a job. Most are interested in progression, promotion, remuneration and learning and development.

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Five ways technology is hindering your candidate experience


A lot of time and money are invested in developing a candidate experience by organisations keen to keep their talent pipelines flowing, but is that investment being hindered by those organisations technology or lack thereof?

According to a CareerBuilder study there are five major technology-related barriers that can kill your candidate experience and your chances of landing great talent.

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Man awarded $40k over religious firing


Organisations are being urged not to overlook their obligations under the Human Rights Act in the wake of a recent case.

The Human Rights Tribunal has awarded a Seventh Day Adventist man $40,000 after he was fired for refusing to work on Saturdays because it was against his faith.

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How to cope with self-absorbed co-workers


Self-absorbed people can be boring at best, or chew through valuable time and resources at worst – and if you happen to work with one, it can be “tricky territory to navigate”, said mediator, counsellor and trainer Jill Goldson.

Truly self-absorbed people, sometimes termed as having a ‘narcissistic personality’, can have a “sense of entitlement and lack of empathy”, she said.

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