Posted on 14 October 2014

Employment matters: The right to pay


Unless employment is terminated summarily (usually for serious misconduct), employees are entitled to notice of termination.

The contractual notice period should be specified in the employee's employment agreement, however if it is not, in a redundancy situation for example, a reasonable period of notice will be inferred.

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KiwiSaver: Employer contribution confusion


I was reading the article on KiwiSaver and saw that it said my employer can "choose to roll the employer contributions into your overall salary under a 'total remuneration' package". It was my understanding that the employer's KiwiSaver contribution was excluded/on top of my total package so I do not pay PAYE on KiwiSaver contribution?

For a lot of people the contribution an employer pays towards your KiwiSaver - currently 3 per cent - is in addition to your wages, but this isn't always the case.

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Common sense crucial when crisis hits


Readers will no doubt have paid attention to Auckland's plight during the recent blackout.

The blackout was caused by a fire at Transpower's Penrose substation when Vector electricity cables caught fire about 2am on a Sunday. It cut off power to about 85,000 households.

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